Oscars 2020: Who will win and who should win

The 92nd Academy Awards are Sunday in Los Angeles, and once again, top honors will be awarded to the year’s tops films, actors, and behind the scenes professionals.

While the Academy may have their favorites, all of us have our own, especially in this really talent heavy year.

Let’s break down who will win…and who should win.

Best Picture nominees
Once Upon A Time.. In Hollywood
Ford v. Ferrari
The Irishman
Jo Jo Rabbit
Marriage Story
Little Women

Who will win?: 1917 is a fine film and has been picking up the majority of the season’s best picture trophies leading up to Sunday. It’s a very safe pick at this point.

Who should win?: Parasite is an excellent and truly unique experience, but it’s a foreign language film and some people might not be able to see beyond the language barrier to enjoy this special film. I also wouldn’t be mad if Marriage Story won.

Best Actress:
Renee Zellweger- Judy
Scarlett Johansson- Marriage Story
Saorise Ronan- Little Women
Charlize Theron- Bombshell
Cynthia Ervo- Harriet

Who will win?:There is no reason to believe Zellweger isn’t the favorite here. All of the buzz is on her side and she is winning everything else
Who should win?: Johansson, even though I’m all alone on this. Otherwise, it should be Zellweger.

Best Actor:
Joaquin Phoenix- Joker
Adam Driver- Marriage Story
Leonardo DiCaprio- Once Upon A Time.. In Hollywood
Jonathan Pryce- The Two Popes
Antonio Banderas- Pain and Glory

Who will win?: Joaquin Phoenix. All the momentum is on his side as well as popular opinion.
Who should win?: Phoenix keeps an undewhelming Joker film from being a truly dreadful Joker film. I would actually be happier if Driver, who actually does more with less, took home the trophy.

Best Supporting Actress:
Kathy Bates- Richard Jewell
Laura Dern- Marriage Story
Margot Robbie- Bombshell
Scarlett Johansson- JoJo Rabitt
Florence Pugh- Little Women

Who will win?: Dern has been picking up all of the trophies leading up to Sunday night.
Who should win?: Laura Dern’s divorce attorney character delivers a monologue in this film that will change the way you see the mother’s role in a divorce. Maybe Pugh or Johansson could pull of the upset, but Dern has earned this.

Best Supporting Actor:
Tom Hanks- It’s a Wonderful Day in the Neighborhood
Brad Pitt- Once Upon A Time.. In Hollywood
Al Pacino- The Irishman
Joe Pesci- The Irishman
Anthony Hopkins- The Two Popes

Who will win?: Pitt has all of the momentum heading into Sunday and is also the sentimental favorite. and I can’t see anyone else in that excellent role.
Who should win?: Still, as a stand alone piece of work, I like Hanks, although he has plenty of hardware already. Listen, I’d also be really happy if Pitt won. Who wouldn’t be, it might just be his time.

Best Director:
Martin Scorsese- The Irishman
Joker- Todd Phillips
1917- Sam Mendes
Quentin Tarantino- Once Upon A Time in Hollywood
Parasite- Bong Joon Ho

Who will win?: Mendes and you really can’t be angry with the decision. 1917 is a treasure to look at.
Who should win?: Tarantino did create an entire world. Hippie Hollywood in 1969 plays out beautifully here, whether it’s on a studio lot or a deserted trailer park. It’s a play ground for this great cast to wander on.

Also LuLu Wang and Greta Gerwig should have been nominated. It’s unbelievable that we’re not talking about their work in “The Farewell” and “Little Women” respectively. Hopefully, this year’s broadcast will highlight their achievements in some way.

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