Yeah, Mike Bloomberg can win a Florida primary with commercials alone, just ask Rick Scott

With the chaos at the Iowa Caucus last week, and the current uncertainty surrounding the Democratic primary field, former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg has become the trendy pick to win the Florida Dem primary through brute financial force alone.

And by brute financial force, I mean commercials. A lot of them.

It can work. Just ask former Florida Governor and current Senator Rick Scott. He’s done it that way three times.

Florida is expensive. What’s the motto? “It like campaigning in three states?” consultants say as they type up their invoices.

But on a statewide scale, a lot of money and some good commercials can go a long way.

Mike Bloomberg has plenty of money and can cut a good ad.

His success in Florida will also depend on the direction the rest of the field takes through their traditional approach. If Bernie gets on a roll, then the moderates will look at some other options.

Then there is the thinking that the Democratic National Committee won’t let Bernie be the nominee, and if Joe Biden continues to fade, then we could see them get involved. Is it right? No. Is it possible? Oh yes.

Pivoting back to Scott, he’s pretty close to Bloomberg’s charismatic equivalent. That’s not a compliment. Really, neither are rockstars but they have the financial means to tell their stories effectively. They don’t really have to be interesting people. They just have to look that way.

Now, this is just for the primary. If it’s Bloomberg that has to square up against Trump in the general, then it’s going to take some real creative energy to score some points in the rural areas where the President is expected to clean up again.

Either way, daytime television could be a real political drag this fall.

But while the current big money map to winning Florida might currently be useful to Bloomberg, it’s Rick Scott that has used it the most to winning the Sunshine State in the modern era.

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