After New Hampshire, Orlando endorsements continue to trend more towards curse than blessing

Here in Orlando, we’re not good at picking candidates in primaries. Look no further than the current map of endorsements for the Democratic presidential primary which currently features Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg as front runners.

They have exactly one nod from an elected Orlando official between them.

The rest of the announced endorsements are from Hispanic and black lawmakers, endorsing Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren.

You know, the two former front runners who are pushing all of their chips into South Carolina and Nevada in an effort to try and save their campaigns.

Yes, you’ve got Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy who’s endored Mike Bloomberg, but that’s her second endorsement after supporting he friend Beto O’Rourke first.

This is just two years after Orlando Democrats mostly endorsed former Congresswoman Gwen Graham in the gubernatorial primary, before Andrew Gillum would eventually take the nomination and fumble the general election.

And it’s not just my friends from the left who are bad at picking winners either.

Let’s reflect back to 2011, when the Herman Cain train left the station here in Orlando after Presidency Five, only to derail a short time later. Or back to 2010, when most lawmakers were on team Bill McCullom before Rick Scott entered late and took the race from him.

Oh, and most of these GOP lawmakers were Adam Putnam supporters instead of Trump’s pick, current Governor Ron DeSantis.

And as for Trump himself. It was Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio that drew the most support from lawmakers before Trump drop kicked them both out of the race.

Really, the answer is to stop endorsing so early.

We should just stop. You know, you don’t have to endorse. Right?

As for right now, Presidential candidates might want to hold off on asking for endorsements from the “Heart of the I4 Corridor” for now. While potentially valuable later, in a primary there more of a curse than a blessing.

Oh, and the one Orlando elected to endorse Mayor Pete? Orlando Commissioner Patty Sheehan.

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