More money for VA doesn’t matter if leadership doesn’t improve, especially here in Orlando

Good news for the Department of Veterans Affairs yesterday, as the latest budget from the White House, illustrates an overall increase of over 10% for the department (story HERE). This is good news. That money could go a long way in helping a lot of veterans, especially as our numbers continue to grow here in Central Florida.

The problem is that trust in the VA isn’t very high right now. The VA Deputy Secretary has recently resigned (story HERE). The newest electronic records system for the VA is delayed and leaders didn’t know about it (story HERE), and there are complaints of sexual harassment from within the organization (story HERE).

Here in Orlando, disappointing veterans is a regular activity, including my recent experience at the VA Medical Center at Lake Nona (story HERE) and the VA’s fight to keep our members of congress out of their facilities (story HERE) and reduce their services to a folding table, eliminating any privacy vets might need.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to be skeptical. Is this money going to help veterans? Or is it going towards compensation for managers and directors at the VA for doing a poor job at the expense of the men and women who have served this country.

If you think that sound brutal, you would be right. But it’s also a sad truth about the care our veterans are receiving around the country and here in Orlando.

Thank you for the money. Now, please make sure it’s not going to be wasted and abused.

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