Orlando International Airport spending $5 million on a statue would prove they’re completely out of touch

In case you haven’t heard, Orlando International Airport is will consider the purchase of a $4.9 million dollar statue of a boy and a dog chasing a toy plane (story HERE).

Local officials also believe its “a small amount to pay” for this piece of art.

Spending that much on a statue, would not only demonstrate how out of touch the members of the Airport board are with the middle class here in Orlando, but would be a slap in the face to many of the workers that are struggling to provide for their families under the conditions they have while working there now.

Whether or not you’re in favor of raising minimum wages for workers to a certain amount, you can agree that providing a strong and healthy workforce is a better alternative than blowing several million on a statue many won’t even acknowledge during their busy visit to MCO.

Ok, let’s say you believe that the employees are paid well enough, you’ve got to believe that there are improvements that could be made to the actual traveler experience at OIA than a statue. Right?

And don’t fall for the common excuse of where the money “must” be spent at. Politicians love pretending their hands are tied. Any system that allows for such bad financial decision making needs to be change anyways.

Let’s face it, not only would $5 million on a statue be a horrible mismanagement of funds, it would also be an everyday reminder that the airport cares about pieces of fiberglass instead of it’s people.

Soon, we’re going to discover what the airport board’s true priorities are. It’s travelers and workers, or a statue that will do nothing to help either.

A better alternative would be a much more affordable gallery or area where local artists can show their work to a world wide audience. That way we could support the arts without taking money away from our people or subtracting from the experience of our visitors.

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