Fans of Rays and Marlins should mindful of vigilante baseball when the Houston Astros come to town

The Houston Astros are the most disliked team in American professional sports right now, after getting caught in the sign stealing controversy that has brought their championships into question. This has many concerned about retribution when the season begins. The Astros didn’t help their case with the non apology press conference they gave last week that failed to take responsibility for their actions.

And really, they should be worried about retribution. You know how baseball is. And fans of the Tampa Bay Rays and Miami Marlins should be ready for anything when their clubs take the field against this hated organization.

We’re talking about vigilante or outlaw baseball. This sport involves a code of respectfulness for your opponents. You don’t “hot dog” during a home run, you don’t bunt during a perfect game, you don’t slide spikes high into second, and you don’t steal signs and forever damage the integrity of the game.

Otherwise there is a chance the pitcher might lose control of one of his pitches.

This is a code that is taught to ball players from a young age. To quote the Mandalorian, “This is the way”.

Astros hitters are going to get plunked. Bank on it. We know Vegas is (story HERE). What I am saying is that fans need to remember the baseball philosophy. Don’t encourage it. If you’ve ever been hit by a baseball, it hurts like hell. This is a culture of self governing justice in some cases and it’s not always pretty.

But there is nothing that can be done that is going to change that.

And the Houston Astros were clearly in the wrong, disgracing the national past time as we know it. Major League Baseball is also wrong for not being strong enough to properly punish this organization and avoid this upcoming conflict altogether.

The Marlins likely won’t have to deal with too much controversy. They don’t play Houston until September.

Quite the opposite with the Rays. They got 7 games against Houston in the first month.

So when you’re taking your seat out west or down south, and should the game take a turn towards it’s Wild West ways.

Remember, this is the way.

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