Developer greed and higher taxes will eventually kill growth in Orlando, ask those who just got here

Here in Central Florida, we couldn’t stop growing if we wanted to. Hundreds of new residents movie in every week with the hopes of a fresh start in the warm weather.

These are families from places like New York and Chicago, even Boston in some cases.

If you ask them why they’re moving down here, they’ll tell you that they’re also escaping the overcrowding and high taxes that made life harder on the middle class in those cities.

And it’s only a matter of time before they realize that the process is starting itself over, right here in their new home town. That realization will kill growth here in Orlando.

Developers continue to trample over green space in Orange, Seminole and Osceola counties. They own the county commissioners making these decisions, by paying them off with campaign contributions. In exchange, they get to run straight through concerned residents in places near the Econ and Split Oak Forest to do so.

Even worse, the developments they’re building are out of the price range of many of the residents that live in our communities

They’re also building developments faster than they can build roads or schools. This means overcrowding both in our classrooms and on our streets (story HERE).

And speaking of our streets. The same county commissioners in Orange County that are letting the developers do whatever they want, are trying to raise your taxes for transportation problems they’re helping to create (story HERE).

Elected officials in Orlando are taking the same easy way out that many of the cities up north took years back. If they don’t cut their leashes with developers and explore other solutions besides tax increase easy fixes, they will be responsible for the death of growth in Orlando.

And it won’t be long before people are moving elsewhere, leaving only dilapidated development and higher taxes to keep us company here at home.

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