Movie Review: Throwing your loose money into a theater and walking away is a better time than “Brahms: The Boy II”

The problem with low budget, high profit horror movies is that studios can crank them out with low risks involved and perhaps stumble into a hit, that’s what we got from “The Boy” a couple of years ago. Well, this creepy doll that haunts whoever is unfortunate enough to cross paths with it is back again, and the only scary thing about him is how easy he’s capable of separating moviegoers from their money.

After a traumatizing event forces a family to retreat to the countryside, Liza (Katie Holmes) and her son Jude, discover Brahms, a creepy doll that appears to be having disturbing effects on it’s still recovering house guests. As it’s evil power begins to reel in Jude and continue it’s murderous traditions, it’s up to Liza to find a way out while keeping her own sanity in tact.

My constant thought throughout the film, was “poor Katie Holmes”.

As an actress who’s work has followed me during the good times (The Ice Storm, Go, Thank you for Smoking, and that one TV show), it pains me to see her trying her best to carry this junk from scene to scene. Director William Bell can’t get enough close ups of Brahms and expects you to feel the same way. The whole movie looks like it was shot over a weekend.

What is even more disturbing is how “Brahms: The Boy II” taps into a bad movie business formula. At only an hour and twenty six minutes, it essentially invites you in, gives you a few jump scares to keep you from napping, and sends you on your way. It’s PG-13 rating is further proof that it’s just trying to get people in the theater.

Avoid it. Or else we’re getting The Boy III. And if you can’t avoid it, just throw your loose bills and change into the theater and walk away with your time.

“Brahms: The Boy II”



Running time: 1 hour 26 minutes

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