We still have to do a better job supporting Pro Soccer in Orlando

The Orlando City Soccer club kicks off their season today at Exploria Stadium downtown against Real Salt Lake. We’ve got a new coach and a new philosophy.

We just need more fans.

Our 2019 attendance took a slight dip from an average of 23,866 per game to 22,761 (story HERE). We dropped from 6th to 7th in the league.

Considering how bad the team has been playing that’s not a tragedy, but as a city that is constantly knocking on the door of Major League Baseball, the NFL, and now the World Cup, we have to do better.

That does start with the team putting a better product on the field. We need to win some games to jolt some of these complacent fans into the right mindset and attract some new ones. We also need to reduce the price of parking downtown, but good luck with that.

All of that considered, that’s not worst part of this post. Our real mistake is how we continued to ignore the Orlando Pride.

Some of the best players in the world, right here in Orlando and we’re not going to see them.

The Pride averaged 5,565 fans per game. Up from 4,837 in 2018.

And it’s not just an Orlando problem. The Pride actually rank 5th in the league.

And keep in mind, this is after some of these Orlando players lead that epic U.S National Women’s team to the World Cup and we were supposed to be all big on supporting these players.

That didn’t last long. In fact, I went to the homecoming game and the stadium was still on the emptier side.

We have to do better. The price of some of these Pride tickets is $12. You’ll pay more to go watch a bad movie.

Orlando is such a perfect soccer city too. We have made the investment into our communities to make it work.

We just have to get to the games.

Let’s try to do better.

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