VA Secretary must stay out of campaign politics and focus on care

Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary, Robert Wilke, made a mistake yesterday when decided to voice his opinion on this year’s election, casting a warning of what would happen to VA care if a democratic socialist was elected (story HERE).

He was talking about Bernie Sanders, and while I’m not supporting Senator Sanders, it was very wrong for Wilke to voice his opinion on this year’s election.

Why? Because United States veterans run the whole spectrum of political beliefs. Some even support Bernie Sanders.

And under no circumstance can we allow those veterans to be discouraged from coming into seek care in an environment where the boss has voiced opposition against that vet’s political positions.

The care, especially here in Central Florida, has already had it’s share of problems.

And then there is the case of conservatives that may be represented by Democrats in congress, like here in Orlando.

With the VA Secretary in open opposition of a presidential candidate, how do we know that decisions won’t be made against other representatives who may be on the other side of a discussion in the future?

If the past is any indication, then the VA has already taken political retribution by kicking our members of congress out of the Lake Nona facility (story HERE) before allowing them to come back and talk to our nation’s heroes over a folding table.

It is extremely important that Wilke, and all of the VA Secretaries that follow, allow everyone who’s earned VA benefits to be welcome when they enter a VA facility.

Everyone should leave their politics at the door, just like we did when we served, and Secretary Wilke can do that by implementing another military philosophy. Leading by example.

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