Orlando leaders absolutely deserve friendly ridicule for bad candidate endorsements

Grand opening. Grand closing. – Sean Carter

And so it goes the endorsement from Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer of now former Democratic Presidential hopeful Mike Bloomberg. About 24 hours ago Dyer endorsed his former colleague in front of the entire Orlando press corp and some national outlets as well. There was even the solidarity pose for the cameras of the two men victoriously holding their hands in the air.

Well forget that. Bloomberg’s campaign is now toast after a bad Super Tuesday showing.

So now Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer is endorsing Joe Biden. This time, instead of a high profile press conference, we get a simple paragraph on social media.

If it sounds funny and even a little ridiculous to you, then you’re right. It is. Why Buddy ever endorsed remains a mystery (my thoughts HERE).

Also jumping ship from the Bloomberg campaign was Orlando Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy. This was actually her 2nd endorsement of the cycle after she gave the nod to her friend Beto O’Rourke. And even worse, she was on national television explaining to people why she thought Mike Bloomberg was the man for the job.

Now it’s only a matter of time before she endorses Biden as well, like I said she should months ago (story HERE).

This is ridiculous, and also a little funny.

And both of these leaders (along with others) absolutely deserve some friendly scrutiny and goofing at their expense.

They have taken what is supposed to be an honest gesture and because of the manner in which they executed that gesture, either last minute, or as a second option, they have turned their endorsements into punchlines.

These signs of approval are supposed to help voters decide. Now, it’s really just bad advice. A transaction, instead of the trusted approval of a local leader.

If you want to take a darker turn, there is the opinion that these endorsements are for sale. That’s even worse. Now it’s not just bad advice, it’s bad advice for a commission.

The best course to take for everyone is to just put this embarrassing time behind us.

But don’t forget it. And the next time you see an Orlando leader endorsing in a big race, feel free to have a laugh or two at their expense.

They’re track record certainly warrants it.

Unless their candidate is running in the U.S territory of American Samoa.

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