Movie Review: “The Hunt” is competent action despite bipartisan political silliness

It’s remarkable that a movie like “The Hunt” hasn’t been made before now. During these politically divisive times it was only a matter of time before we’d have a motion picture that featured progressives and conservatives hunting each other and both portraying themselves in their worst possible light.

The thing about The Hunt is that it’s actually a good action film despite trying too hard sometimes to get a rise out of an audience.

When a group of far right leaning southerners wake up in a strange field, it’s not long before they realize that they’re part of a game being led by far left leaning elites being quarterbacked by the mysterious Athena (Hillary Swank). Stuck in the shuffle is a car rental clerk from Mississippi named Crystal (Betty Gilpin from NetFlix’s “Glow”) and both will do whatever they have to stay alive in this deadly and politically contest to the death.

Let’s get it out of the way. The movie makes both sides look bad. And it’s flaws derive from the cartoonish route it decides to take in going out of it’s way to let us know that.

The problem is that not too much of it is very funny. And in fact it subtracts from the film. One could make a very strong argument that if you keep Gilpin and Swank along with the sharp directing this could have been a very good action film.

And bless both their hearts. They bring both of their respective “A-Game” to this bloody mess and it somehow flies. Director Craig Zobel gives us some great shootouts, hand to hand combat sequences and plenty of gore, which keeps the story moving along and clocking in at a brisk 90 minutes.

In the end it’s never allowing you to get bored that prompts the approval from me. Despite it’s desire to want to fire up both sides of the political conversation.

The Hunt

Grade: B-

Rated: R

Running Time: 1 hour 30 minutes

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