Orlando leaders must work harder to diversify job pool after Corona crippling effects

The Corona Virus is slowly shutting down the country as leaders take precautions to prevent the spread of the potentially life threatening condition.

That leadership, especially here in the region, has been pretty strong but already we’re relearning a hard lesson in a hurry.

We lean way too much on tourism, and right now as sporting events shut down and public events are postponed, the community is now worried over the potential closure of the theme parks and the thousands of jobs they’re responsible for.

It’s absolutely imperative that Orlando leaders continue to diversify the jobs in the area.

I say continue because this idea hasn’t been completely missed by elected officials. We’ve seen pushes in the tech and simulation and some of the gains are there.

We’re just not moving fast enough and the lack of diversification in some communities is bad.

Take the Parramore area.

Yes, Creative Vilage is there, but the suspension of the MLS and NBA from Church St. will turn the Amway and Exploria into ghost towns that usually employ hundreds of people and generate millions of dollars.

It’s a scary idea that our world can be torn down so easily.

This is why diversifying the tourism development tax into other areas can make our community stronger. Instead of making executive six figure salaries jump to seven figure salaries or padding the accounts of local lobbying firms, we can use those funds to bolster the lives of the people that even make the collection of these fund possible.

This way when an enemy to all of the people like this one, a truly destructive force that doesn’t care how much money you make or where you’re from attacks us, then we’ll be ready.

Let’s work together and care for each other to beat this Corona virus, and when it’s all over we can focus on measures that will make us tougher when the next challenge comes along.

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