Movie Review: “Bloodshot” is over the top action for fans of the genre only

Another comic book movie. And this time, it’s an even lesser known superhero that is a mix of Wolverine and RoboCop. But even though there is absolutely no reason why “Bloodshot” should work, this Vin Diesel special effects bonanza pulls it off by throwing it back to a pre-Matrix 90s style of just keeping your eyeballs busy while allowing your brain to checkout for a while and enjoy the silliness.

Diesel plays Ray Garrison, a super soldier with amnesia, whose body is filled with nanobots that allow him to heal almost instantly from catastrophic injury. You can blow his face off and everything just snaps back together. Garrison must untie the secrets of his past while working with a group of super soldiers lead by Dr. Emil Harting (played by Guy Pearce).

This movie just doesn’t care about the critics and that’s both good and bad.

It’s a good looking movie. Director David Wilson spends all the money making this world look good and setting up these heavy metal battles that are loud and very satisfying for action fans. It also comes at that action from different angles to keeps the story fresh. This is what we bought the ticket for. Right?

It’s just important to remember that this is Vin Diesel isn’t going to win any Oscars here. This is super hero Fast and Furious to an extent and that’s not necessarily a diss on Diesel, it’s what he does. But there is nothing here for fans that don’t enjoy the action genre. No potent humor. No romance. And no deep connections to anyone in this equation.

For me, Bloodshot gets over the net by delivering exactly what it wants to. A big and visually impressive action flick that doesn’t force you to think too hard.


Grade: B-

Rating: PG 13

Running time: 1 hour 49 minutes.

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