Orlando’s youth population isn’t going to listen to your COVID shouts to stay home

As Central Florida continues to deal with the Corona virus crisis by closing public areas and enforcing a curfew, many are frustrated that Orlando’s youth population continue to spend time with each other, ignoring the advice of their elders judging them on social media and shaking their fists at them in the street.

I’m here to tell you, nothing is going to stop these kids from getting together and having fun. That is almost science, given the generations of examples which also includes you.

Before you reply, think back to when you were younger. How many times did YOU sneak out of the house? How many times did YOU come home past curfew? How many times did YOU go to a party knowing full well that not everybody’s folks would approve?

If you said yes, you’re normal. If you replied no, then you’re either lying to yourself or lived a younger life on a very quiet and unusual level.

Young people rebel. They will always rebel.

We’ve held this kind of behavior up as being “cool” for decades in the media. These kinds of rebels are often the heroes of out stories.

Now, what will shake their stubborn intent is if their actions hurt themselves or others. Sadly, that is very possible here. If they get sick or someone close enough to them to gets sick, they’ll be humbled and they’ll stay indoors.

But just like you and me, they have to learn the hard way.

We shutdown the bars. That’s not stopping them.

We shutdown areas by beaches. That’s not stopping them.

We can shutdown the state. That still won’t stop them.

The only thing we can keep doing is trying to teach. And if they don’t learn, pick them up when they fall and hope they learn from their mistakes.

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