Orlando leaders must reconsider rapid “slam and cram” development during Coronavirus recovery

As Orlando leaders continue to fight back against the Cornoavirus by shutting down everything, the solution that will leave many workers stuck at home as the bills accumulate, could actually be part of the problem that may result in more cases.

We’re talking about dense multi-family housing that has gone unchecked by Orlando politicians for many years.

Housing developments like unneeded apartment buildings that value tight quarters and high rent for it’s residents. Townhomes and duplexes with little space between the doors and virtually no yard that will allow children to play a safe distance away from others or even traffic for that matter.

After we recover from this epidemic, we need county commissions and city councils to take a hard look in the mirror and realize that these decisions can have more of an effect on human life than simply more cars on the roads.

But these politicians will fold. They will allow dense housing to continue spreading through Orlando until the only thing enforcing healthy condition is poorly stood up drywall in a unit that you’re probably overpaying for.

We have to evolve. We need Orlando politicians to put their constituents before their campaign donations.

And then we can make Orlando a safer place to live.

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