City of Orlando must clear up mixed messaging regarding Coronavirus shutdown

As I type this, the City of Orlando and Orange County are shutdown in their interpreted efforts to fight the spread of the Coronavirus. The move is not only exposing the problems with out of control development in the area that may nullify social distancing (story HERE), but will hurt it’s most vulnerable residents that are already facing nation leading low wages and one of the worst affordable housing markets in the nation.

Further aggravating things, the City of Orlando sent out a message on social media Saturday morning encouraging residents to get out enjoy their parks. This is after the shut down order was put into place on Thursday night and local officials are telling them the opposite during press conferences.

The tweet was deleted a few hours later after residents were understandably confused at what exactly was going on.

These mistakes cannot be allowed to continue. They’re not only unsafe but add even more tension to what is already an extremely stressful chapter to the lives of families in Orlando.

Do they want us is? Or do they want us out? They need to make it clear.

Deleting the tweet without acknowledging the error and clarifying the situation is also a setback in the realm of transparency.

City officials must do better if they plan on getting us through this challenge safely and unified.

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