Jerry Demings doing the right thing for Orange County by postponing tax increase debate until Coronavirus is defeated

This afternoon, Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings announced that he was postponing his push to raise the sales tax until the Coronavirus is defeated. The revenues from the tax increase would go towards transportation projects in the region.

His decision is best for Orange County residents and it’s rather selfless.

The penny sales tax was announced during his first state of the county address. It’s his legacy project. It wasn’t easy for him to come to this decision.

No one has been a louder voice opposing the tax than I have. It’s bad policy. I could talk for an hour on how it’s throwing money at a product that isn’t working properly.

But I will commend his leadership here. We must be critical of our elected officials when they’re wrong, but also praise them when they make the right decision.

This is the right decision.

And there are no political winners and losers right now. The truth is right now we’re all losing.

But we’re working to defeat this virus that doesn’t care where you stand on political issues. After we beat the Coronavirus, we can get back to political battles.

And no doubt, Jerry Demings will come back more determined than ever to pass his tax increase.

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