If not for the risk, Orlando would be perfect for MLB “Bio Dome” Coronavirus solution

Major League Baseball is reportedly considering a solution that would allow for a May return where all 30 teams would live and play their games in the Phoenix area. A work-around that could protect communities during the Coronavirus pandemic while allowing professional sports to continue (story HERE).

The concept is getting mixed reviews. With supporters excited at the possibility for the return of baseball, and opponents concerned over the possibility of another outbreak within this “Bio Dome”.

Right now, I’m not too crazy about it. But looking at the idea, one thing did occur to me.

Orlando would have been the perfect location for such a concept.

Our tourism industry, anchored by a large share of our area’s jobs and the hotel tax is collapsing. 30 major league teams and their respective support personnel could provide a lift. We’ve got the accommodations to do it.

Then there are the venues. We have plenty of locations in Central Florida to play these games. Facilities that we have already invested in.

And then there is the weather. We’re built for baseball down here. Many teams already have their spring training operations in the state.

We’re better than Phoenix. That’s for sure. There not even in the same universe as us when it comes to hosting guests.

But there is the risk. The danger that tears the whole concept down.

While Orlando wants professional baseball and deserves professional baseball, would we want to expose our community to the risk of an extended outbreak for a game audiences won’t even be able to attend?

The answer is no.

If this plan took a turn for the worst, we would be putting our first responders at risk and our hospitals, which are bending, could break under the increased number of cases.

More lives lost. It’s not worth it.

What we can do is push for Orlando to finally get it’s own team. The Pat Williams vision of making the Orlando Dreamers a reality. Right now that’s on hold.

We can keep on dreaming ourselves.

And we can understand, that if there is a sports hosting job that exists on this planet no one can do it better than we can.

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