Osceola County made big mistakes issuing their Coronavirus face covering order, here’s why

On Friday afternoon, Osceola County leaders issued an order making masks or face coverings mandatory in their community.

What sounds wrong about that sentence?

You might say it’s the order making face coverings mandatory. No. I think at this point, killing this virus as quickly as possible is priority. I’ll throw something on my face to get that done.

The answer is “On Friday afternoon, Osceola County”

Now, the order doesn’t take place until Monday, but why would you make that announcement on a news dump Friday afternoon?

Further. Why would you make that announcement in a Hispanic majority county right before the period where their Spanish language news coverage is cut during the weekend?

What Osceola County did emphasize is that there would be penalties for not complying. Fines and possibly jail time.

That’s bad.

Right now, you’ve got Spanish speaking residents scrambling around Osceola County trying to get masks that aren’t available because they they think they’re going to get in trouble if they don’t have one by Monday. The sources that are available, social media gossip, primarily say masks and don’t name alternatives.

I’m not sure what thought process allowed Osceola County to believe that this was a good idea?

Orange County did not issue an order yesterday. In fact during the press conference, you had Buddy Dyer wearing a mask, while Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings decided not to wear one.

It wouldn’t surprise me if they decided to implement an order. But they would certainly be smart enough to make the announcement on a Monday or Tuesday and have that order go into effect later in the week when we’re still getting maximum news coverage. They wouldn’t let us get blindsided like this. Same goes for Seminole County.

Hopefully, law enforcement goes easy on the community on Monday. It’s going to be a potential nightmare to enforce.

And let’s hope we’re more careful making such big announcements in the future.

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