Here is why the wrestling blogs are so inaccurate about what’s going with the WWE in Orange County during the Coronavirus shutdown

Over the past 24 hours, the international news cycle has shined the spotlight on Orange County over the state’s decision to deem the WWE an essential business, and allowing them to resume live tapings at their performance center located at Full Sail.

History might incorrectly state that it was Orange County and Mayor Jerry Demings that was responsible for the decision.

It’s worth repeating. That would be wrong.

Still, this is wrestling news and the decision has caught the attention of wrestling blogs around the world, and they’re getting a lot of stuff wrong.

While it might be surprising to some, it’s really not all that unusual with these wrestling “publications”.

As a lifelong wrestling fan, I follow some of these webcasts and blogs and their accuracy is about 40%.

That is not a mistake. They throw out more wrong information than they do correct information.

This is because many of them don’t have any relationships with the WWE. Most of them are just fanboys that are trying to get free stuff. When they get turned down, they start writing whatever they want. When they do get a hot tip on what’s taking place with a story, then the WWE will just change it at the last minute to keep audiences guessing.

The truth is that you could drop these guys in a room with Jerry Demings, Buddy Dyer, and Ron DeSantis and they wouldn’t be able to tell you who is who.

Naturally, they’re just going to write what they want. They’re not even in Orlando. They don’t care.

And they were also wrong when the first set of orders on Orange County came down. Their descriptions of the area made Semoran boulevard sound like it was under military control.

Unfortunately, the victims this time are Orlando leaders. They should be able to mop up some of the mess but should it come up again, they will likely have to take a stronger stand on where they are on the issues.

Until then, Orange County will continue to be under the reckless watch of online wrestling publications, many who don’t hold much more real truth than the sports entertainment worlds they write about.

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