Virtual protests are lazy, real protests are dangerous, here is how to really make change in Orlando during the pandemic

There are a lot of angry people out there right now as the Orlando area continues to deal with the Coronavirus pandemic.

There are people that are angry over how the government is treating unemployment. They’re hosting a virtual protest.

That’s lame. Sorry. It’s the truth.

You see, these people are going to go online and run angry graphics and memes on the timelines of elected officials to illustrate their unhappiness with the way things are going.

So basically, it’s just another day on social media. One person from their office might see that and it will quickly be forgotten. In the back with all of the trolls even if you have a legitimate concern.

Then we have people that have been protesting on the streets without maintaining social distancing. They’re angry because their communities are still closed and want them reopened.

That’s dangerous. You can still get sick. And I can’t think of anything that flies in the face of what you stand for than demanding a return to normal while wearing a mask. You’re brave but you’re scared. How does that work?

Here are some ways to make a real difference in Orlando during the Coronavirus panedemic. Actions you can take that will actually cause change. This works for the lame virtual protesters and the reckless public protesters.

Flood the phone lines: Make 100 phone calls. Call the lawmakers doing wrong and talk to them. If they’ve got the voicemail on, then move on to another lawmaker. After all of the offices are off your list, change your tone and call everyone you can think of and explain to them why your lawmakers are messing up. Make it public.

Write letters: Open your email and pour your thoughts on to the page and then mail it to everyone you can think of. The lawmakers. The media. Do some research and send your correspondence to places it will actually be seen. Everyone you can think of. Keep your passion but don’t be crazy.

Join a political campaign that is working virtually: Pick a candidate you like and volunteer. While traditional campaigning is gone for now, the game hasn’t stopped. Candidates are still hosting phone banks, texting parties, and writing postcards/letters. You really want to make a difference? Throw the bums out of office.

All of these options are better than spamming social media with nasty messages or spamming the streets with a deadly disease.

While it’s encouraging that Orlando wants to stay politically active, we still have to be smart while we do it. Then we have to do it in a fashion that actually makes a difference.

That’s what this post is all about. And that’s what your efforts should be about too.

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