Re-Opening of Orlando after Coronavirus should be patient and staggered with vigilance against greed

As talk of re-opening Orlando continues to pick up speed as we continue to wade through the Coronavirus pandemic, local leaders are kicking around ideas over how to do it safely and responsibly.

Unfortunately, the poor leadership appointments on the Orange County re-opening task force will try to steer money towards their own interests, (story HERE), this means the community will have to remain vigilant when moving through the guidelines of re-opening and any practical ideas will have to come from the true small business owners in the area.

Really, the process for re-opening Orlando should be a patient affair that phases everyone back into their routines gradually.

This means half-capacity for many businesses.

This means hand sanitizing stations at every business. Even by ordinance if necessary.

This means a dedicated cleaning employee at certain at-risk businesses.

This means preparing our schools for extra cleaning standards to protect students.

And this also means strengthening our economy to not be so weak. Diversifying our skills.

Many of these ideas sound easy enough, but the truth is that there will be individuals, including some on the very task force meant to re-open Orlando responsibly, that will try to take advantage of the situation.

It’s sad but it’s very true.

This is why we have to keep an eye on what they’re doing downtown to make sure help actually gets to small businesses and individuals that need it the most. If we’re not paying attention, they will be ignored. Believe it.

All politicians should be held accountable during this time. At every level. Everyone should be paying attention to what is happening locally.

When they don’t, important information doesn’t even get out to some of our citizens (story HERE).

These next few weeks are going to be really important for our community. This is complicated.

Let’s take our time and do it right. And when we’re are back together, it will be something we can truly celebrate.

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