NBA Games at Disney is another great post Coronavirus concept but comes with familiar risks

You’ll recall a couple of weeks back, Major League Baseball was reportedly considering a “bio-dome” solution for it’s post Coronavirus plans and how Orlando would be a great fit for it (story HERE).

Now the NBA is floating a similar proposal with games possibly being played at the Wide World of Sports at Disney (story HERE).

Once again, it’s a great fit. Even better than an MLB solution. But there are also significant risks.

And let’s start with those pros by bouncing them off of the cons.

The biggest detractor is the possibility of spreading the disease. These are risks that you can’t ignore and if there is a second wave, we could find ourselves in a horrible position.

But when you look at the NBA, you’re looking at less players, less staff, and a more compact game on a campus that has plenty of space to accomodate the needs of the league.

And there is no denying the popularity of the NBA right now and on a more selfish level, we actually have a franchise here.

It could be a great opportunity.

We’re going to find out more here shortly. Both about the plan to bring back basketball and how Central Florida handles the re-opening of it’s businesses. That will give us some more data to work with.

If it can be done safely, then Orlando leaders should absolutely get behind the idea.

We know that Orlando is a terrific place to host any event. Why not the NBA?

And why not during a time when people are absolutely looking for the return of sports as a sign of the return of normalcy of their own lives.

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