Orlando Consumers should demand temperature checks from reopening businesses

An interesting disagreement during a meeting of a sub committee of Orange County re-opening task force this morning, as the region continues to fight back against the Coronavirus pandemic (story HERE). This disagreement occurred between two members from the field of medicine at that.

Should temperature checks be required by businesses for their customers?

That’s a fair debate.

Advent Health says yes.

Orlando Health says no.

The possibility of a second wave was mentioned. That’s what swung me over over to the “yes” side.

And that possibility should swing every Orlando consumer over to the same conclusion.

Listen, I don’t like governments making businesses do anything. But there is a line and this is it.

If we’re being real, this is more of a consumer issue. These businesses should want to keep us safe.

They should want us to have peace of mind while enjoying their experience.

And if they catch someone with a high temperature, they could sound an alarm and everyone can boo. A proper public shaming of a person who should have stayed home.

I wasn’t serious about that last part.

The truth is that an infrared thermometer cost $75 bucks. That is not asking too much.

And if customers don’t want to be subject to a temperature check, they can keep themselves at home.

Now this mandate shouldn’t last forever. Just until we’re sure this thing isn’t coming back.

And there are also a lot of other things this task force can do to make it easier for businesses to rebound after this crisis. That includes ensuring any funds designed to help small businesses actually makes it to small businesses.

But in order to keep customers and employees safe, we’ve got to make sure people that are sick are staying home.

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