A DeSantis-Demings balance is hard to achieve, but best for reopening Orlando after Coronavirus

If you look at the past 48 hours in Orlando and examine the plans for reopening the region being submitted both at the local at state levels, you actually see some crossover. There are a lot of areas of consensus when it comes to specific industries.

There are some areas where the typically more cautious Orange County had more relaxed conditions for phase 1 reopening than the state philosophy which allows more powers to the municipalities.

And we’re examining how Governor Ron DeSantis and Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings are both working with and around each other.

In one eye widening moment on Thursday, Demings actually called parts of DeSantis’ reopening plan “sensible” (story HERE). This after Demings’ more politically motivated closing of the region lead to him accusing the Governor of being partisan (story HERE).

We’ve made some progress.

The truth is that balance has always been best for Orlando when it comes to lawmakers at the state and local levels. This transcends the partisan politics so many local elected officials want you to believe.

The most successful modern era in Orlando, the post recession period, was with Democratic Mayor Buddy Dyer and Republican Governor Rick Scott. The parties won’t admit that because it’s bad for their bottom line and existence really.

Sometimes it’s good to just move past the nonsense and agree with what’s good for everyone. Not political careers.

And sometimes it’s good to just step away from people hurling insults and f-bombs on social media and try to find some space to work together. Especially during these tough times.

The DeSantis-Demings balance is what we need to be aspiring for. Not running away from.

You’ll find that this re-opening and really everything else will go much better.

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