Ron DeSantis and Jerry Demings salon talk should be celebrated, not dissected and discouraged

On Saturday afternoon, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings, held a public discussion behind the possibility of opening barbershops and salons in the area sooner rather than later (story HERE). After it was over the Governor pledged to push the issue with his task force and get it done.

It was an achievement for the region to have two lawmakers with very different beliefs to come together and find common ground, and actually make progress on an issue. And it’s magnified by the fact that other elected officials are taking shots at each other and trying to score points during this crisis.

Hopefully, it can be the beginning of a dialog between the two lawmakers and they can break free of the nonsense that gets thrown in their faces by people that are trying to get rich off of a catastrophe or just trying to gain political power.

We’ve discussed how important it is for there to be a balance between the policies of our governor and local leaders (story HERE). No one is right all of the time, no matter how much they want you to believe it.

There were some protesters outside. Some were there for the Governor. Some were there for the Mayor. All were wrong for putting themselves at risk. I’ve said this before (story HERE).

My only regret is that is was on a Saturday afternoon with no one watching.

All of the more reason for this to become a regular thing.

Let Washington continue to delay the needs of the people to fight their partisan battles. Let Tallahassee do the same.

But let’s encourage and applaud teamwork when it can be done here in Orlando. It’s the best thing for all of us.

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