Ron DeSantis should take John Morgan up on his offer to recover for “lemon” unemployment website

Last night, Orlando Super Attorney John Morgan posted this Twitter message for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

So, let me get this straight. John Morgan wants to get our money back for this junk unemployment website. For free?

What are we waiting for?

DeSantis and Morgan already have a good relationship due to the Governor’s push to finally get through medicinal marijuana passed by the voters in 2016 to the people as quick as possible. Morgan aka “Pot Daddy” appreciated that.

Let’s put this good will to work for the people of Florida.

Now, let’s not be too coy here. This makes Morgan look good and I’m sure it’s not as easy as DeSantis waiving his hand in a ceremonial fashion and allowing this to happen. He’s got attorneys too.

But at this point, why not?

This unemployment website has revealed itself to be a true enemy to the people during this crucial period. Why not recover some money for those who have had to suffer during a pandemic because of it?

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