Stephanie Murphy “taking her eye off the ball” in D.C with media tour on state issues

If you’re a fan of regional political television and publications, you’ll have noticed Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy on a media tour over the last week. While it’s good to have regular communication with your members of congress, there was a problematic issue with her message.

She’s wasn’t talking about her job.

Instead, Stephanie has decided to fight below her weight class and go after the Florida unemployment website that has failed in recent weeks since the Coronavirus crisis has begin.

We know the website is junk, but the gridlock in congress is bad and it hasn’t gotten better since Stephanie has gotten there. We’ve got a whole region of state lawmakers already pushing for solutions on the website.

If she wanted to do the right thing, she would have placed more focus on her work with the reopening task force she’s on. Instead, she only grazes her work there in favor to participate in a dogpile against state leaders for easy angry points.

Then there is her reflection on her time with the Department of Defense and a pandemic exercise that she says stuck with her over the years.

Only I’ve followed Stephanie since day one of her campaign and she’s never talked about that exercise before this crisis started.

What I want to hear from Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy is what the House of Representatives is prepared to do about this recovery process and how we’re going to move past partisan differences to get that done. Then after that heavy lift is accomplished, we’ve still got the toxic D.C culture that has crippled us for years.

Let’s not dunk on the kiddie hoop to make yourself look good, when you should be playing in the big leagues where the people put you.

I’m optimistic that Stephanie will straighten her message and tackle the real challenges. Unless she’s going to check down and run for state house, there is nothing more for her to do in Tallahassee.

Instead, lets focus on getting work done for the people in Washington.

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