“Money in the Bank” continues WWE winning streak during in-shelter sports entertainment era

If you’re a wrestling fan, you know the Coronavirus pandemic has forced everyone to make the best of their circumstances including sports entertainment giant WWE. They’ve been successful in that regard by hosting two great Pay Per Views at their Orlando performance center and integrated cinematic style matches into their story telling.

Last night’s “Money in the Bank” show, which came in at a breezy two and a half hour running time, took the show to their headquarters, where the athletes took place in a mad dash to the roof of Titan Tower to grab a briefcase that guarantees a future championship title opportunity.

It was a crazy-fun time.

Goodness, it was cartoony but at the same time impossible to ignore. Food fights, cameos, and people getting thrown off rooftops were some of the highlights.

This show follows what was a successful Wrestlemania also in Orlando without a crowd that featured a “Boneyard Match” and “FireFly Funhouse” bout that people will be talking about for years.

It’s this kind of storytelling that will continue to carry the sports entertainment industry until crowds come back and when the crowds do comeback. That roar will be loud.

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