Orlando movie theaters can succeed with checkered seating arrangement

While movie theaters may be one of the last things to open up in Orlando as the region continues to recover after the Coronavirus, talks are underway among industry officials over how it would be done.

One possible solution is checkered seating, or reduced seating in theaters. There are pros and cons to this proposal.

The negatives are obviously less ticket sales revenue for movie theaters. This certainly won’t help a business that has seen their income completely dry up since this crisis began.

Positives include getting the movies back. And while there are still risks, awareness of what COVID can do will keep customers honest. And the bump, though only at half speed, would still help the business a great deal.

Movie theaters are also anchors for a lot of shopping centers in the greater Orlando area. Getting people back out will only be a positive for them. Disney Springs, Altamonte Mall, Winter Park Village, all will see their numbers jump upon reopening.

The bigger question may be how long do we keep the reduced capacity arrangement going?

We might not get back to the point where a sold out movie theater will make people feel safe again.

Still, we move slowly and see how things go.

Orlando movie theaters are some of my favorite places in the city. The Picture Show in Altamonte has been in my life for 30 years.

I look forward to the time where I can return to these places and have a great time while feeling safe.

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