UCF shouldn’t pass on financial hardships from Coronavirus to students

It’s already happening. Colleges all over the country are feeling the financial crunch from the Coronavirus pandemic (story HERE).

This includes UCF.

The problem with UCF, is that it’s problem solving process behind money problems has always been the same.

Make the kids pay for it.

UCF’s leaders love the community but make no mistake, it will push up costs on it’s students without a second thought.

They justify themselves by touting it’s rapid growth. This is because they’re the ones that insist on growth with no thought of consequence regarding the expense.

This is what got them in trouble and led to the departure of several high level administrators (story HERE).

Spending money like there’s always going to be more coming. That’s them.

Now that income is threatened and their lack of vision will end up costing the young people in our community.

We must demand better from our leaders.

Rollins College made the difficult decision to cut staff and programs (story HERE).

It’s tough.

But they’re looking at cuts inward. Instead of tuition hikes outward. At least at the time of this post.

UCF should also look inward to make ends meet.

And make life just a little easier for the students in a community that have already faced enough hardships.

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