Drew Gulak story latest reminder of wrestling blog accuracy problems

Over the weekend, Drew Gulak, a now-former WWE superstar, found himself trending on social media after some wrestling blogs had wrote that he had been released. Fans launched their insults at WWE citing the excellent match Gulak had with Daniel Bryan on Friday Night Smackdown not even 24 hours before.

Turns out his contract expired. And further, he may not even be done with WWE.

Still, these wrestling blogs (HERE), get things wrong all of the time and some of them aren’t even located in the United States.

Why should we care about this Frank? Good question.

It’s because the WWE is part of our Orlando economy. Recently, these same blogs badly fumbled the Coronavirus news coming out of Orange County (story HERE).

This is because many of them hold a grudge against WWE because they’re not allowed the same access as credible news outlets. And their not held to the same level of accountability that a traditional news outlet would be held to.

And they continue. With no consequences.

So the WWE Performance Center gets dinged in the process, and Full Sail does too. Really, the people hurt are our neighbors who work there.

If you’re hunger for wrestling goes beyond the tap of almost limitless content available on the WWE Network and YouTube, stick to major sports news outlets for your information.

Not these wildly vindictive publications and YouTubers who will say whatever they have to in order to get some attention.

They need to be better.

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