The Last Dance ultimately true to Orlando Magic role in greatness

The Last Dance concluded last night to high praise. The ten part docuseries regarding the Michael Jordan Bulls Dynasties manage to educate, honor, and entertain at the same time. Jordan, Pippen, Rodman, Phil Jackson, and even Steve Kerr can forever point to the project as a great reference for their accomplishments.

The Orlando Magic can say that too.

The Shaq and Penny teams of the 90s were honorably portrayed as the only roadblock that was able to slow Jordan down besides the Bad Boy Pistons. While even they too fell before those spectacular Chicago teams, they looked strong and their potential was made clear to audiences.

Horace Grant was also featured both as part of the early dynasty and later in a semi villain role as he joined the Magic in defeating the Bulls.

All in all not a bad showcase for Orlando in one of the best sports stories of this generation.

Still, that’s not the goal here for Magic fans.

The goal is to build stories of your own.

And as this young team continues to grow, there is a foundation there to be recognized. We’ll just have to see if we can build on that.

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