Losing Herndon Library is a sad loss for Fashion Square Mall area

The Herndon Library is closing (story HERE) after 20 years, and really it felt like it had been there longer.

Libraries closing in Orange County isn’t an unusual thing. My childhood library in the industrial Lockhart neighborhood is now a fencing building or something like that. But it is a setback for that shopping plaza in a historical and important part of Orlando.

That shopping center was once the sidekick to the Fashion Square Mall in the 80’s and as bad as things have gotten across the street at slow-going mall, things are worse next to the airport where this location sits.

Instead of a movie theater that was once full every weekend with films like Michael Keaton’s “Batman” and the “Indiana Jones” trilogy, we have an almost empty shopping lot. It’s dilapidated with sinking buildings and potholes in the parking lot every few feet.

And for one of the few government agencies I actually adore, it’s a step back for the Orange County Library System.

We don’t do nearly enough to support OCLS. Less libraries are never a good thing. It’s been that way since the beginning of civilization and it will be until the end of it.

A new location will likely pop up. Let’s hope it’s near that Baldwin Park/East Orlando spot. That area closer to Semoran needs these kinds of services.

And let’s hope that the renaissance arrives to the Fashion Square Mall sooner than later. It’s too important to leave deserted.

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