NBA plans for return unlikely to land fairly for Orlando Magic either way

When NBA play halted in March due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Orlando Magic found themselves in the 8th spot in the Eastern Conference playoff picture.

Now as the league considers plans for a return, it turns out that eight spot could be the worst place for the Magic to find themselves as the NBA floats towards a plan that is unlikely to please everyone.

All of the scenarios in consideration must try to give the teams with an outside shot of making the playoff their fair chance, while ensuring the top contenders land where they deservere to.

That means the teams in the middle like Orlando are likely to find themselves more likely to lose their playoff spot to a bad team.

Especially under a plan that would use a sudden death sprint of games over the 7 and 8 spots in playoff seeding. This would mean the worst teams in the league could theoretically go on a run and win it all. Even the Golden State Warriors, who were tanking until Steph Curry and Klay Thompson can return from injury.

And that’s just a lousy deal for the Magic. They don’t get the security of the top 6 but find themselves on the bubble despite their hard work.

At least the they won’t have to travel far.

Walt Disney World is the frontrunner for any bubble plans (story HERE). In your face Las Vegas.

I’ve supported the idea with some conditions (story HERE).

For Orlando Magic fans, I won’t support a plan that allows the team to be a victim to a sudden death fluke.

Let’s play this out correctly.

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