Peaceful protesting during these tough times is a return to what Orlando is really about

This past weekend, some of the participants in the first round of protests following the tragic death of George Floyd decided to break Orlando’s tradition of peaceful protests. I called them amateurs, who had no idea on how to cause real change that makes a difference (story HEREHERE) and instead resulted in 17 arrests, a mandatory curfew and thousands in damage.

I’m happy to say that the second round of major protests took place on Tuesday and all reports indicate it was a peaceful affair (story HEREHERE). That’s the way it should be and the way Orlando has always done it.

Thousands marched the streets of downtown Orlando to send a message that change was needed. And that message was received.

There wasn’t people trying to march on to the 408 or attempting to destroy businesses. Just people demonstrating their passion for what is important to them.

Perhaps it was the fact that there were more professional organizers there to steer the event in the right direction.

Or it could have been a community that wanted to show that they could rise above the level of destructive behavior that has sadly broken out all over the country and that so many have spoken out against in response.

There is still a long way to go.

But today was a good day for Orlando.

And a return to what we’re really all about.

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