MLB and NFL should take note of how Orlando is helping the NBA finish it’s season

The NBA will be concluding it’s season at Disney World and according to reports its going to be an exciting dash to October to crown a new champion in a field where all of the sudden all 22 teams invited can get hot and go on a run (story HEREHERE).

Let’s hope the NFL and Major League Baseball are watching.

This is going to be a tremendous opportunity for Orlando to remind the world that it’s one of the best places to host sporting events on the planet.

This would also include an NFL or MLB franchise.

We’ve already got the Magic, college football, and a whole list of other college and amateur sports that are regular visitors here, but the desire for a franchise is real, this includes a baseball team where the dream for the Dreamers (the proposed name) is still alive.

The infrastructure and the hunger are here. We just need to inspire the out of towners. And while the bubble set up might have many parties scratching to leave Orlando after their two month stay, it will no doubt produce some big moments as well.

Will LeBron win his fourth championship here? Will Giannis win his first? How will the Magic react having to stay in the bubble despite being so close to their house? These are all great storylines.

Let’s hope the other sports are watching and that they’re understanding how good we are at this.

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