Opinion: Cynthia in the GEICO commercials is a too real villain for many

GEICO in their continued campaign of clever and very often funny commercials, has unleashed Cynthia on the world. An overzealous HOA Chairperson or President who makes the lives of the people in her neighborhood a wide awake nightmare.

There are Cynthias all over the United States. Except they’re not a joke. They ruin lives.

HOAs are the real problem. If they choose to enforce the kind of penalties we see Cynthia taking on, they don’t just cut down plants or chainsaw mailboxes.

They take homes. Fines are written. Liens are issued. People lose their homes because of Cynthias.

It’s my opinion that Cynthia might be the most scary and realistic villain in American commercials today.

Social media shares my concern. One person remarked “This would be really funny if it wasn’t accurate.”

A lot of the sentiment moved the same way.

Still. It’s a good commercial. But I’m sure any homeowner that is a GEICO customer or anyone with an HOA attempting to ruin their lives they would love to see Cynthia get her come-uppends. Even better, they would like to see the guy pushing the baby carriage defeat her in an ever GEICO fashion.

Bring back the camel. Take Cynthia away forever.

You can watch the spot below.


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