Wrestling Blogs are spreading the false OIA COVID testing numbers to their audiences

It’s no secret that wrestling blogs are no friends to the Orlando community and in many cases the wrestling industry itself. They can spread a false narrative with little to no false consequences at all.

This time they’re spreading the false positive COVID rate to come out of press conference at the Orlando International Airport (story HERE) (Their video HERE at 4:15).

As we’ve mentioned before, these blogs have no real sources and are playing a game of “telephone” with bad facts. They drastically exaggerated conditions in Orlando during the shutdown (story HERE).

This matter because they’ve managed to broker large followings and these WWE Superstars aren’t just athletes. They’re our neighbors. They live here. They earn that living here. They deserve a fair wrap up. We’re also a tourism community that is trying to rebound and we have these people telling the world our airport is a hot zone. This also effects the workers that are responsible for propelling our economy.

Lets hope we can continue to look past this bad representation of our hometown from these guys. Trust your proven sports news sources for information and hold these guys accountable when they drag us through the mud.

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