Pizza Hut should be taking notes as 90s nostalgia provides positive social media push

For once, the trolls weren’t mostly bashing a restaurant chain on social media on Sunday. Quite the contrary for Pizza Hut, as a we were all transported back to the 90s when their dine-in experience was a popular family night activity across America.

I hope they were paying attention. And let’s hope they act.

The truth is that well all miss the personal pan pizzas, salad bar, arcade games, and casual good times. I too was a “Book It” kid who got my free food as soon as I possibly could.

Now, you’d have a hard time finding a true dine-in Pizza Hut and enjoying a true old school experience. That’s too bad.

For a chain, Pizza Hut is still okay in my book. It can’t compete with the Mom and Pops but the gimmick pizzas are still fun. This is also a good event for them and the business. Dominoes and Papa Johns have both experienced their share of controversies and have been playing defense over the last year or so.

This is an opportunity. While we have to understand that if dining-in was a true moneymaker, it would still be going today, there still have to harness this positive sentiment.

What will it look like? I don’t know. But it can’t go to waste.

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