Vince Carter can take a bow after 22 great years of basketball, Daytona Beach too

One of the most exciting players in the history of NBA basketball, Vince Carter, is retiring after 22 years in the game. He’s very likely heading to the hall of fame.

You’ve got to be happy for him. And Daytona Beach should be proud of him too.

He started playing this game in 1998 and was still competing at a strong level this year. Think about the kind of discipline that takes. Many of his peers immediately start seeing declines in their 30s. Not him.

Over the years, his dunks drew comparisons to everyone, including Jordan and Dr. J. He never got involved in any of the kinds of craziness you see other athletes getting tied up in. He’s one of the good guys.

And as for Daytona Beach, it really does take a village to produce this kind of greatness. Carter gave back to his alma mater, Mainland High School, donating millions for the Vince Carter Athletic Complex.

If only all sports stories can be this terrific.

But now it’s time for Carter to start the second half chapter of his life. Many believe this second half away from the court is where many of the great players do their most meaningful work. We’re ready to observe that work.

Congratulations Vince Carter. And congratulations Daytona Beach. It’s over two decades of work we can all be proud of.

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