The Wrestling Blogs are wrong to dismiss the 50+ TV demographic

Big wrestling fan here. 33 years as a fan watching these gifted athletes entertain my generation and now the one after me.

“Generation”. That is a word forgotten by the big wrestling blogs and podcasts every week.

Let’s be clear. Many of these wrestling blogs are wrong more than half the time. Unlike real journalists who understand the weight behind unnamed sources. These guys plug them in every day and they always seem to fit their narrative which usually paints the wrestling in a negative light.

And they do this when pointing out wrestling broadcasts. When they’re framing their ratings story they dismiss overall viewership in favor of the 18-49 demographic.

Now lets be real. That demo is a big part of the battle. But it’s not the only battle in the war.

I’m in my early 40s. I was a golden age fan. Hogan. Savage. Flair. And I spend money on wrestling. I love the live experience. Every once in a while the merchandise gets me.

And I watch hours of wrestling every week. And I know who their advertisers are.

Am I going to cease to exist as soon as I turn 50? The wrestling blogs seem to think so.

And what about the fans who are 50+ already? They did they stop spending money?

If I recall most of them had more money than all of us.

If you constructed a chart of spending by fans on advertisers. That chart would go north as we crossed 50 not south.

That’s not what the wrestling blogs want you to believe. They want conflict and failure.

We know wrestling organizations try to make all of the fans happy. That’s revenue. You think they’re going to leave money on the table?

So let’s not dismiss the 50+ fans, or the younger fans for that reason. A kid asking their grandparents for wrestling stuff is pretty convincing last time I checked.

And don’t believe these unethical wrestling loudmouths that believe they know what you want.

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