Call Of Duty Warzone should restore rumble mode to avoid losing revenues

The popular rumble mode was removed from the most recent Call Of Duty Warzone update. The fast paced action set-up was a favorite of a lot of players. Including me.

Marketers will do this from time to time. They’ll take away a popular mode to build demand for it in hopes that we’ll attack like piranhas when we get it back. A product comparison would be the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich.

Only gamers won’t wait around for the tactic to work. They’ll go and play something else. There is an ongoing demand asking developers to restore rumble on social media and the gaming centers I do business with in Northeast Wisconsin and Central Florida. Why it was ever taken away to begin with is a puzzler.

There were complaints over snipers dominating the action. While I will admit, you’ll hear me drop some very colorful language after getting got by a sharpshooter, it’s an advantage that is also relevant in so many other games across multiple genres.

And when I do get the drop on a sniper. It’s one of the best feelings in gaming.

The new modes aren’t fast enough for some players. They don’t always want to hunt for a fight. Time is an option here. Busy professionals need to log on and get fighting.

And let’s talk about money for a moment. Less players means less chances to create revenue streams. We’re spending our money elsewhere. We don’t have time for this electronic peek-a-boo.

Let’s hope the good people at Call Of Duty Warzone get the message. Keep all of the modes. That’s what the customers want.

Or else you’re putting your product at risk because you’re trying to be clever and losses would be truly unfortunate.

Let’s bring back the rumble as soon as possible.

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  1. Rumble gave players who download the game for free an easier way to upgrade guns and win challenges than via Battle Royal / Plunder.

    Those players will now be thinking of buying the full game to do the same via mulitplayer.

    Players like me who download the game for free, but don’t mind buying season passes or blueprints are a wee bit annoyed. 😉

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