Who is going to tell the other NFL quarterbacks they’re not worth a Patrick Mahomes payday?

The largest contract in the history of professional sports. Kansas City Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes. 10 years. $477 million dollars.

How is the NFL going to top that one?

Make no mistake. They’ll try. But the truth is that no one comes close to deserving that kind of money right now.

Not Dak Prescott. Not Lamar Jackson. Not anyone else who thinks they do.

As if Mahomes’ numbers weren’t enough. He’s won an MVP. He’s won a SuperBowl. His style of play is setting the table for others and will continue to do so for years to come.

And it’s not about him either. He took the Chiefs to prime time. He finally won Andy Reid a ring.

These are all talking points that teams will want to tell they’re play caller but they won’t be able to.

But it’s all true.

It’s also raises the bar for Mahomes. Nothing but SuperBowls and deep playoff runs will do. Anything else, and every NFL fan outside of Arrowhead will turn on him. It ain’t fair. But that’s the NFL.

As for the contract itself. Ten years should make anyone nervous. Not all of that money is guaranteed but it’s still a long time for any athlete, especially in a contact sport. But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.

Today belongs to Patrick Mahomes. Be happy for him.

Be content for my neighbors here in Green Bay, who may very well see their Hall Of Fame quarterback in the SuperBowl against him. Aaron Rodgers vs. Patrick Mahomes. Sign us all up.

And send some thoughts out to Mitchell Trubisky. The Chicago Bears quarterback who is still catching grief for being selected ahead of Mahomes. Their legacies remain connected.

And finally, send some good luck to the other NFL quarterbacks in the league. There won’t be a market reset for some time.

And no one deserves the payday that Mahomes got today. Not right now.

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