Green Bay Packers fans may need more time to decide if Lambeau Field will be safe enough to attend games

On Monday, the local paper put out a poll asking readers if they would attend a Green Bay Packers game this year, given the circumstances behind the Coronavirus pandemic.

We won’t step on the results of the poll, but the truth is that people might need more time.

We’re getting numbers thrown at us everyday. What is happening in some areas of the country might not be happening in others. And then there are still going to be developments that can effect the way the league decides to move forward.

And then there are the players. There aren’t too many that sound too excited to be crammed in a locker room with dozens of other guys with this pandemic going on.

There might not even be a season, really.

To their credit the Packers are doing a lot of things right at the moment. They’re keeping fans informed and are making arrangements to move training camp activities to Lambeau Field.

But as far as fans, they will need all of the facts and some time to process those facts before they come to a conclusion.

Don’t get it twisted. Everyone wants football. It’s just a matter of discovering if it’s safe enough to go to the games.

We just don’t have enough information to make a decision yet.

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