Khris Middleton has been a top ten NBA player this year, and we should get used to that

Bleacher Report published their top 100 players of 2020 yesterday on social media (story HERE). And like all top x-number lists involving sports, it drew some controversy. Much of that controversy involved Buck guard Khris Middleton being included at #10.

Is it really so hard to believe?

He has been averaging 21 points for the team with the best record in the league. And he has to share touches with the best player in the league and likely MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Middleton has been on fire this year. The COVID 19 crisis has been an injustice on his progression.

Now much of the public frustration came from Rockets guard, Russell Westbrook’s, listing at 23. I agree. That is low. But that shouldn’t be a reason to punish Middleton. This isn’t a forever list.

The fact Middleton was the punching bag is simply more mid market bias. It’s a diss on Milwaukee, even as the #1 team in the league right now.

Hopefully, Middleton, Giannis and the others are looking at this disrespect and using it for fuel.

Because what beats all lists are rings.

And a championship from the Bucks down in the bubble would eliminate all doubt.

Right now. Khris Middleton is a top ten player in the NBA.

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