Madden 21 should right a wrong and put Aaron Rodgers back in the 90+ QB group

Madden 21 released their quarterback player ratings on Monday and as usual, they didn’t please everyone (story HERE). This includes fans of Aaron Rodgers, who was given the rating of an 89 despite leading his team to the NFC championship last season.

EA should try to right this wrong and give Rodgers his well deserved 90 or 91.

Patrick Mahomes was given a 99 and it would be illogical to argue with someone who just won a SuperBowl and banked half a billion dollars. That and my almost 30 years of playing Madden are hopefully good enough qualifiers to prove I’m not just playing to the crowd here.

But Russell Wilson was given a 97 despite losing their head to head showdown in the playoffs and throwing more interceptions than Rodgers. Same for Tom Brady and Lamar Jackson who completed more passes with players on the other team than the Packers QB. Rodgers actually threw more touchdowns than Brady and for more yards than Jackson. Drew Brees, who missed time last year with an injury and is in his 40s still got a better rating than Green Bay’s playcaller.

And Rodgers still didn’t clear the 80s.

This isn’t opinion here. These are facts. And I’m not sure what the thought process behind leaving him out of the 90s was. Give us some explanation. It should be corrected on the first update possible.

And hopefully QB1 uses this as fuel to prove those programmers in my hometown of Orlando wrong.

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