The new Ford Bronco is something vicious, but is the next generation consumer interested?

On Monday, Ford dropped some info and images on their new Bronco, which certainly looks impressive and will take the stage with some interesting features, and a style that indirectly challenges the Jeep Wrangler and any other vehicle in this adventurous class (check out the write up HERE).

Those that are old enough, remember the classic Bronco as a fun and rugged ride. Popular culture remembers the white Bronco as the getaway car that O.J Simpson used to evade police during that infamous chase back in 95′.

But what do the Millenials and Generation Z remember?

That will play a big part of the consumer puzzle for Ford as they try to move these. The ability to pique the interest of the young professional enough to move them away from the tried and true Wrangler, which have been around so long and run so strong that it may have been the first car for many of them in the market for this kind of vehicle.

It’s certainly off to a good start.

The body style looks great. You can run this Bronco hard, wash it off, and still make an impression on the town later that day. The two door even looks cool enough to trump the practicality of the four door.

And it also sounds like it will have the bones with the High-Performance Off-Road Stability Suspension or H.O.S.S that had better deliver for drivers with a name like that.

I’ll be rooting for the Bronco and will be hoping for more reboots like this one. Everything has already been done. It’s up to creative re-imaginings like this one to keep the market fresh and make us want to make the trip out to the lot to throw down big dollars on a new ride like this one.

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