Green Bay Packers fans should take preseason energy to local small businesses after cancellations

This week, Green Bay Packers fans saw their training camp, family night, and preseason attendance schedule get canceled because of the pandemic (story HERE). For my out of area readers, these aren’t afterthoughts like in other NFL markets. Fans look forward to these events and there are millions of dollars at stake here.

It stinks. But Packers fans shouldn’t let the restrictions make them dormant come late summer. They need to take that energy to help local businesses. They might not survive without it.

We need to eat out. Buy merchandise. And visit venues during these broadcasts where conditions will be safe. And yes, these events will still be on TV. Make sure you watch.

And we need to be ready to go whenever the NFL makes their decision on the regular season. And yeah, it’s going to include masks at the games.

But hey, you want to go to some football games this year. Right?

Then we’re all going to have to make some changes.

Luckily, some of these changes can be used to help your neighbors survive these tough times.

And that starts by supporting them during this very different preseason.

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